Alpinist Nº36


  • Fecha: Diciembre 2011
  • Nº Pág.: 82
  • Número: 36


En este número 36 de la revista americana Alpinist correspondiente al otoño del 2011 encontramos los siguientes artículos:

Crag Profile: Hyalite Canyon

In the early 1970s, a college professor and a band of scruffy youths stumbled upon one of the largest collections of icefalls in North America. But the dense trees, deep snowdrifts and complex landscape of Montana's Hyalite Canyon would reveal its secrets slowly—and only to those willing to wander. Joe Josephson narrates forty-one years of ongoing quests, while Pat Callis, Doug McCarty, Jennifer Lowe-Anker, Jack Tackle and Whit Magro recount the joys of getting lost in the woods.

Still on the Easel

Climbing artist John Svenson has devoted nearly half a century to exploring mixed media and wild landscapes, from watercolor to molten glass, and from stormy ridges to spidery rainforests. His conclusions? Everyone should draw, and an adventurous life can represent our most aesthetic creation. Herein, some visual results.

The Thin White Line

For British alpinist Ian Parnell, the white cliffs of Dover, England, were a familiar emblem of home and cultural identity. But as he began to delve into the first-ascent history of these crumbling headlands, he grew less and less sure of what those ideas meant. Faced with the contrasting legacy of a late Victorian occultist and a modern taxman—and the hazards of both their routes—he struggled for balance between the darker side of climbing and the light.

In Search of Lost Summits

Growing up in a tenement on the outskirts of Madrid, Javier Selva took refuge in old books about faraway lands. After seeing historic photos and paintings of Alaska in a private library, he spent the next decades of his life pursuing a mountain that seemed at once the symbol of a mythic past and the gateway to his own transcendence.

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