Alpinist Nº76


  • Fecha: Diciembre 2021
  • Nº Pág.: 105
  • Número: 76


Mountain Profile: Cima Grande di Lavaredo. Rising abruptly from the center of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites, the 2999-meter Cima Grande became a focus of both rockclimbing innovation and political struggle. Italian climbing writer Dino Buzzati once wondered about the pale yellow walls, "Are they real, or is it a dream that is merely rotten and impassable?" Herein, David Smart chronicles some of the explorations and conflicts of its storied walls, including the famous Piton Controversy, the alpine battles of World War I, the race for the first ascent of its great north face, the eras of the direttissimas and the rise of modern hard free climbing. Karin Steinbach, Alessandro Gogna, Claude Gardien and Alexander Huber add tales of sharp inflection points over the decades.

Manifestation: After more than two decades of photographing climbers' struggles up cliffs, Rhea Kang becomes fascinated by documenting the stories of the pine trees that manage to survive in those seemingly inhospitable realms.

A Night under the Peruvian Stars: In July 2021, Anna Pfaff, Andres Marin and Alex Torres set off for what they thought would be a one-day climb of a new route on the south face of Concha de Caracol, a 5640-meter peak in Peru's Cordillera Vilcanota. What ensues is an open bivy at 5500 meters—a long, cold night during which Pfaff contemplates the choices that define individuals in the mountains and in the rest of life.

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