Alpinist Nº75


  • Fecha: Octubre 2021
  • Nº Pág.: 105
  • Número: 75


The Cresset and the Light: In 2015, the late Kyle Dempster penned a letter to older generations: “The alpine style that you so passionately embodied is no longer a light contained within the bounds of any narrow chamber. The cresset has been smashed to pieces, and the flames are ablaze on the sharp skylines of the earth.” For our seventy-fifth issue, more than thirty climbers, researchers and activists consider the future of alpinism in a precarious world—from the evolutions of style and quests for the remaining unclimbed peaks, to the developments (and dilemmas) of technology, the struggles of expedi- tion staff for better working conditions, the effects of climate change and the pandemic, and the shifts in philosophies toward expanded represen- tation and responsibility both on summits and in stories.

Opening the Door Wider: For a long time, the climbing photos that appeared in outdoor publica- tions were mainly taken by men. Photographer Nikki Smith presents images and perspectives from some of the many women and non-binary people who are transforming the world of climbing photography today.

The Moonwalk: When Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll arrived in Patagonia in early January 2020, he didn’t know that he’d end up staying there for more than a year. By immersing himself in his nearby surroundings, he encountered a deeper sense of place—one that culminated in a remarkable traverse across the skyline of the Fitz Roy peaks.

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